“Designed to shape behaviour” – the DPG is designed to motivate users to get the most out of their height adjustable desks. It is more than just a new Desk Panel – it is a platform of endless functionality possibilities, including up-down functions, favourite positions, display and app connectivity.

The DPG is intuitive as it is operated via tilt instead of buttons, so there is no need to look while adjusting the desk. As an ease to comfort, the position can be pushed twice and the desk will turn to your favourite sit or stand position.

The DPG includes an integrated reminder function, made of an LED lightstrip. It indicates the desk usage status by either a green or an orange colour, appealing to our intuitive human colour associations. When it is time to stand up, the colour changes. Use the pre-configured time intervals or set up your own.

The display indicates the current desk height and gives the user an intuitive feedback. Connect your mobile device to the DPG and operate your desk with the Desk Control™ App (for Android and iOS). It works via Bluetooth® wireless technology, providing a wealth of digital integration possibilities.

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