When you are looking for maximum flexibility in the workplace, CIMO offers the perfect solution.
In the ever changing business environment, this versatile, modular system ensures that CIMO meets the workplace requirements. The basic structure stands, but its function and appearance can be easily changed. This is made possible due to its modular connections; everything is put together via screw-, magnet- and snap-on connections. No special tools are required for (dis)assembly.
One of many options is to upgrade a single workstation to a workstation for-two, or the other way around. Convert an open working area into a private working area by adding dividing screens, or simply change the colour scheme. With just a few connection points, changing the setup of the workstation from sit-sit to sit-stand couldn’t be simpler.
Gispen embraces the circular economy. We take account of future returns and reuse possibilities in the initial stages of the design. We remain responsible for products throughout their lifecycles, while reducing waste production where possible. We take back furniture when it has reached the end of its lifecycle, after which we repurpose or refurbish it to brand new

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