Stacking without folding: yuno has all the positive features of a folding table whilst avoiding its weaknesses. The folding operation is avoided which means significant time saving for set-up and dismantling. Furthermore, the table’s construction facilitates compact stacking and space-saving storage. Unlike traditional folding tables, what is particularly clever about yuno is that when setting up for banquets or in rows, the tables can be interlocked longitudinally without extra linking devices thanks to its special interconnecting frame. With yuno Wiesner-Hager is opening up entirely new ways of furnishing conference, meeting and event centres – environments which were previously nearly always equipped with folding tables. To make it even easier to handle the tables, small castors are integrated into the glides. Thus, the tables do not have to be carried around. Instead, if lifted slightly on one side, they can be rolled from the transport trolleys to exactly where they are needed. In combination with the customised stacking trolley, this feature means that yuno can be transported and stacked by just one person.
yuno represents a totally new generation of stacking tables.

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