The timeless design, perfect combination of technology and ergonomics are, as usual, strong points of designer and technical experts of MASSIMO COSTAGLIA DESIGN GROUP.
By using exclusive materials such as polished aluminium and leather was created a product suitable for using in representative offices and meeting rooms.
After a year of preparation we are ready to launch a collection of working TEA chairs. According to current requirements, we have prepared working chairs with backrest of different heights when the highest one comes with a stylish headrest. Backrest and seat are fixed with aluminium armrests which can be complemented by leather armpads. It is possible to choose a standard features made of anthracite PUR, except for aluminium armrests.
To complete the collection, we have also prepared a conference chair.
This chair is built on a four-star aluminium base. Chair is equipped with a revolving mechanism with autoreturn. The common elements with working chairs are armrests and shaping of seat and backrest.

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