A chair, made as if all of a piece, transmitting its dynamics to any room – that’s ray, no doubt about it. With its slender forms seamlessly flowing into each other, frame and seat seem to merge. The delicate, curved back is invisibly mounted to the steel frame and the plastic shell. And even the cover fabrics are fastened to the plastic shell in such a way that neither seams nor zippers are visible. The surface of the die-cast aluminium arm-rests presents itself in three different finishes: either chromed, made of polished aluminium, or with a coloured powder coating.The ergonomic shape already ensures high seating comfort in any situation. Flexible polygonal blades integrated into the back provide a maximum of adaptation of the plastic shell to the body sitting in it. This flexible skeleton is coated with shaped foam and becomes very robust and long-lasting thanks to a high content of glass fibres. In a word: ray combines surprising functionality with a delicate appearance.

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