Cantilever chairs have always been very attractive and versatile types of seating. The comfortable chair concept has been transformed into a contemporary design called Metrik. The Metrik cantilever chair stands out for its consistently integrated design which is reminiscent of transportation design. Backrest, seat and armrests create a monolithic body whose form-fit connection with the tubular steel frame is only revealed by a narrow gap. Organic and comfortable areas in the seat are combined with clearly defined and simple geometries which form precise light lines. The integration of all the components plays with contrasts such as distinctiveness and neutrality, comfort and an understated appeal, as well as modernity and timeless design. As a result, Metrik can complement various table concepts and office chairs. A choice of six colours for the body and frame and plenty of different options and colours for the covers ensure huge design scalability. To suit preferences, Metrik either complements the overall design concept or purposely adds a splash of colour.

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