Tools for collaboration have lagged behind our increasingly global workforce. Google set out to solve this, and approached aruliden to rethink the way we collaborate. We designed Jamboard to bring digital convenience to the analog familiarity of the whiteboard, embracing human touch to enhance the interface. Jamboard is as natural to use as a traditional whiteboard, but infused with the best of web. Teams can jot down notes, sketch out plans or frame up an idea in seconds, all in real time with co-workers anywhere as if they were in the same room on the same whiteboard. The hardware is thoughtfully designed for the space that it lives in and the functionality it offers, offering an approachable, modern, furniture-inspired aesthetic that fits easily in any workspace. The HD camera and built-in Wi-Fi make it easy to connect and collaborate. Purpose built for collaboration, Jamboard is a disruptive solution for a global workforce.

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