The giroflex353 conference chair transfers the styling of the giroflex353 visitor's chair to other application areas. With lightness and elegance, it guarantees excellent seating comfort in meetings and also impresses as a simple work chair. The conspicuous circular shape in the back sets standards and thanks to its geometrical clarity fits in a range of spatial and architectural concepts. Diversity in both colour and materials guarantee a high degree of customization.
The mobility of the back frame is special. It provides support during sideways movements and increases the overall feeling of comfort. The basis for this is provided by the sophisticated design, optimized by a plastic of medium stiffness and high strength. For models with a mesh back, the innovative multi-zone fabric in combination with the back shape delivers an additional supporting effect. The tensile properties of the mesh are optimally exploited to follow the back region.
The chairs meet the guidelines of the "Cradle to Cradle" label. This upholds the most stringent ecological and sustainability criteria for everything from the materials and production methods used right through to the product's final disposal.

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