Simply more effective storage. A workplace becomes more effective with convenient, versatile storage: components that provide easily accessible content and materials, contribute to workplace collaboration, support varying levels of privacy and offer a pleasing aesthetic. Volum Art provides a complete family of storage elements to meet the widest range of storage needs, with no compromise on aesthetic or function.
A refined aesthetic. With a crisp, clean design and choices in materials, Volum Art compliments a wide range of workplace environments. With Volum Art, workers will find a welcoming and inspiring environment.
Essential components. The Volum Art family of storage supports a full range of needs, from individual pedestals to mid-size cupboards and large cabinets. Choose from two pedestal combinations and different cabinet heights to create a varied landscape, provide workspace separation, and support varying needs for privacy and collaboration.
Functional simplicity. Volum Art combines a family of products with robust performance, providing planning flexibility and easy integration with other Steelcase components.

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