As a modular system, element.x provides solutions to the New Work Generation’s flexibility needs. Modularity aids the creation of reversible structures, anywhere from receptions to meeting points. As a key layout component element.x can be used to create screening or unobstructed visual axes. It can be a monolithic structure or meander incontinuous lineform through any space, thereby fulfilling many different functions.

element.x provides a wide range of combination options, thereby providing architectural solutions adding an x-factor to interior design. When stacking units, the striking design of the corner connectors creates an eyecatchingvisual “x”, after which the system is named.

Featuring 2-tonecolouring inside and out, element.x takes storage to a completely new inspirational dimension, which dovetails functionally and aesthetically with modern architecture.

Steel-made element.x is synonymous with perfection and stability; it says sustainability. The filigree design of the edging demonstrates how superior steel is. Excellent structural engineering characteristics enable three-dimensional structures, superstructures and intersections to be actioned.

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