Nude is an interlocking coatrack that is fun and easy to install. It is made solely with wood. Its simple structure makes it much easier and more cost-effective to put into production than a traditional coatrack. The production cost of Nude Coatrack is 50% lower than other coatracks on the market driven by the same conditions.

Nude is not only made of one material but also by one technology. It is an assembly of three long stems and three short stems. There are two cavities drilled into each long (main) stem – one passes all the way through; the other is a niche. The short stems pass through and interlock with the long stems to create the rigid triangular structure. The assembled composition is stable and offers a geometric aesthetic.

The design, production and assembly of Nude are all simple and the price is low. No metal, glue or oil paint is used. This of course presents benefits in environmental terms. The cost of material transportation is low because Nude is made with materials that can be obtained locally. The product’s sturdiness and durability give it a long life and reduce the consumption of resources in the long term. The single production chain keeps the final cost of the product low, making it widely affordable.

Nude has been designed under the brand PIY – short for “Play It Yourself”. The team’s research into locally available materials led them to white mahogany (also known as Chinese mahogany) – a wood that is not widely used. It has the same colour, texture and hardness as imported Fraxinus mandshurica, but a much lower price. PIY set up a furniture factory in the mountains in the western part of HeNan, China – the growing area of white mahogany.

PIY’s first consideration when undertaking any design is the installation experience had by the product user. PIY aims to create well-designed solid wood furniture that is as environmentally friendly as possible, simple, and flat packed. It also hopes to continue the Chinese furniture tradition of installation without instruction.

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