China has an ageing society and the number of empty nesters is increasing. Many people are too busy to focus on the health and emotional wellbeing of their elderly parents. This phone and communication system was designed to allow the older generation and their children to share a mutual affinity.

It can be used to regularly monitor health and mood. Through the high-tech sensors on the back of the phone and the material inside the watch, physiological phenomenon are collected – including body temperature, pulse, brain waves, et cetera. Emotional changes are detected through a comprehensive analysis of the above data by the phone’s software system. The gathered information is sent to the user’s children regularly, so they can take appropriate action as needed.

The system assists those with memory problems by issuing reminders as necessary. It also prevents misplacement of the phone; the strap watch offers a search function, which will detect the phone and orient a pointer in its direction. The side of the phone will emit a blue light when it is being searched for and when there is an incoming call. It also emits a ringtone and vibration.

A simplified user interface reduces the stress of learning how to use the system, and makes operation easy. There are just four basic functions: calling, text messaging, a key search, and health monitoring.

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