The SAT2220 IP satellite terminal enables internet connectivity where terrestrial broadband connectivity is unavailable, and is a key enabler in bridging the digital divide. The timeless design of the modem is based around matted black flat surfaces combined with round edges, allowing it to blend in any living space through its elegant design and understated materials. Diagonal vents are included to allow the electronic circuitry to be cooled by spontaneous convection. The modem features a reconfigurable foot, which allows it to be wall mounted or table-top mounted in a way that fulfills the thermal design requirements.

Outdoors, the parabolic antenna and the outdoor unit are codesigned to obtain a unified look and feel. The outdoor unit design is unique due to the decision to include a plastic shell around the heatsink of the electronics, which allows a modern look, based on flat surfaces and diagonal vents, retaining the philosophy behind the modem design.

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