This is a built-in energy-saving gas stove, whose head part is composed of stove stand, heat focusing ring and burner.
The burner, which is equipped with the latest internal combustion technology and the three circles fire technology of Vanward, combined with the heat focusing ring in the middle can realize extremely high combustion efficiency with maximum thermal power up to 5.2 kW,
Distinguished from the traditional design, the pyramid-shaped stove stand guarantees larger contacting area for round-bottom pot, to avoid the pot slide.
The heat focusing ring in the middle is designed to be separated , greatly reducing the technical difficulties and the material scrappage in the production. The price is cut, and energy efficient products are extended to a greater degree. Meanwhile, such separated structure also does a great favor to the cleaning.
Internal combustion technology, by taking advantages of unique internal structure of the stove, provides sufficient air for combustion, in an attempt to ensure more sufficient and complete burning. Three circles fire technology can provider users even finer control of thermal power and satisfy different cooking requirements.

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