This is the first in-house project from our Studio and has been a labor of love. Smart devices are remarkable in their ability to connect with people afar. Unfortunately there has been an over correction and these devices have had an impact on relationships with the people close to us. Our solution was Mr Pip’s Double Cross, a twist on the game Liar’s Dice. The packaging, messaging and branding was critical to completing the product story. The packaging needed to be versatile enough to function as protection in shipping, be an intuiting point of sale and tell the story that we are a company with a conscience who want to bring the world ‘fewer better things’. We therefore created a tessellating packaging design to reduce shipping and storage volume by 30%. The tessellating pattern forms a unique point of sale stacked texture. The use of rubber bands to hold the packaging together allows users to open and close to the packaging without damage. This reduces returns and waste and encourages users take the product out to experience the quality. The packaging is made from paper, which can be recycled, or will decompose, helping to stop the pollution of the world for our children.

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