Miel et Miels
Package Designs for Miel et Miels, the luxurious honey brand from France.
Visdom Brand has designed a series of gift boxes for the high-end contomers as shown in the pictures.
The Miel et Miels brand is enhanced with the exquitely design of the golden card combined with black stripes which a part of the orgiginal logo. Meanwhile, the whole package design make the characteriscts of the product clearly expressed with the symbolic black and golden stripes that can be easily identified as the image of bees.
The designs are set to match the brand position in the top quality honey market and attractive to the customers.
Spectial attention is paid in the designs to the applicabiltiy and generality of the packages with an aim to reduce the final cost in a comrehensive consideration.
The gift boxes are launched simutaneously in the China luxury channels and in the Laffayette, the famous department store in central Paris.

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