Microwave cookware PURITY MICROWAVE is made using the unique nanoCARE technology which is based on a permanent transformation of polymer materials at the atomic level. This gives cookware PURITY a number of unique characteristics: it does not become discoloured, does not absorb the odours of food and is antibacterial. After use, just briefly rinse cookware PURITY without detergents – it does not need dishwashing and is environmentally-friendly. Cookware PURITY makes it easy to prepare rice, potatoes, pasta and other food in a microwave oven. It has a lid with a tall rim which in combination with small apertures prevents food from boiling over in the cooking process. The apertures in the lid serve also for rinsing and straining rice and potatoes and straining pasta. The multifunctional pot can be used for steaming and preparing skewers and popcorn.

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