Morph is a wheelchair for use in airports and aboard aircraft, developed with the aim of creating a wheelchair that can be used from check-in counter to plane, with no need to change chairs. When borrowing a wheelchair at the airport, the first obstacle the user runs into is the metal detector at the security inspection. With conventional metal wheelchairs, users always had to undergo a body search, even when they did not have any metal objects on their person. Morph, on the other hand, is made entirely of non-metallic parts, allowing wheelchair users to pass through security like any other passenger. The next obstacle wheelchair users run into is getting on the aircraft. Unable to detach the large wheels of conventional wheelchairs, they had to change to a smaller chair designed for onboard use. But since Morph allows for the large wheels to be detached while seated, there is no longer any need to change chairs. We hope that Morph will help make barrier-free not only the airports of Japan, but throughout the whole world. Not limiting ourselves to airports, we are also considering the use of Morph in public and commercial facilities, as a security measure at events, and so forth.

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