Purpose and function:
Support arm in a new length (700mm) with/without counter-balanced function. Tailored for use with 540/550 mm toilets, where it is required that the support arm is 150 mm longer than the toilet bowl (DIN norm). Hight adjustable 240 mm.

The PLUS support arms are ergonomically shaped to provide a secure grip, both when sitting down and getting up. They facilitate the task of transferring to and from the wheelchair and it enables the users to rest their arms comfortably.

The end of the support arms is ergonomicly curved upwards to make it easier to pull forward from a sitting position and also provides a clear sense of where the support arm ends.

The oval shape gives an easy and comfortable surface to lean and push against.

The PLUS support arms are available in height- and/or sideways adjustable as well as in fixed height versions to fit the individual user’s needs and wishes.

The support arm can be folded up to save space when not in use.

The support arms are made of soft and slip-resistant material that has a warm and comfortable feel. They comes in six colours, to aid many different needs and diagnosis.

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