DESINO rethought the wheelchair concept entirely. The result is the innovative adaptive wheelchair radius, which provides dynamic seating as well as a manual hybrid-drive that opens up comletely new horizons. The dynamic seat activates the spine and relieves the back. After analysing the movement pattern of the human body while walking, we have adapted our seating system accordingly to accomodate in the best possible way. This sequence of movements mobilizes the spine, the muscles and the lymphatic system equaly. The lever propulsion disburdens your shoulders and wrists. You can can go long distance without extra effort. Even slopes are no problem anymore, thanks to the up to 11-speed gearshift. The steering and breaking is integrated in the levers and is operated through tilting of the handle. To maneuver comfortably indoors and to tilt the wheelchair simply switch to the classic handrim propulsion. The levers can be stored telescopically so they don’t disturb on short distances and transfers.

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