Simcro’s world-first Multi-Dose Intramammary System was developed considering animal welfare, operator safety, minimal hand force, and reduced plastic components. Designed for Merial Animal Health, this unique applicator and magazine system introduces a superior delivery of intramammary medication.

A typical treatment requires infusion of each teat with an individual syringe. In an already stressful and uncomfortable environment for the animal, multiple syringes add another difficulty for the technician. The individual syringes are also challenging in terms of hand-wrist angle and hand force, resulting in operator fatigue.

Unique features of the Multi-Dose Applicator include:
•a four-dose cartridge strip
•orientation of the canula tip at an ideal angle for animal and operator comfort
•major reduction in hand force for dose administration
•automatic de-capping of syringe to ensure sterility
•decreased dosage time per animal
•significant saving in recyclable plastics through elimination of the plunger.

The revolutionary design of the Multi-Dose Intramammary Applicator and Magazine System overcomes all of the key limitations encountered with the single syringe treatment.

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