For many years the veterinary medical syringe Eco-Matic Drencher has been offered by Henke-Sass, Wolf as a metal Drencher syringe. The transfer into a light plastic version with an attractively simple design completes the product group Eco-Matic. With a total of 27 components, the attractive design has 21 components with multiple use. This multiple use comes into effect due to the modularity of three different sizes of syringes (13 ml, 30 ml and 70 ml). An integrated hook in the form of the Henke-Sass, Wolf logo completes the simple and self-explaining form. We hold industrial property rights of the design of this product in Europe and in target markets in North and South America as well as in Asia. High-quality materials and surfaces with haptic shape increase the felt usability. When cleaning and disinfecting the product, the solid laser marking is easily readable for a long time. The metallic colouring of the Eco-Matic Drencher gives a high-quality impression.

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