The THERA-Trainer mobi is a small and handy leg- and arm exerciser with excellent value for active and passive motor supported movement. It is designed to mobilize elderly persons and persons with slight physical limitations. It was developed especially for the daily use at home and for the versatile use in facilities. The design is smoothsurfaced hygienic and focused on ergonomic aspects and intuitive use. The smart tool-free interlock system makes it easy to change the foot rests and therapy grips. The product conforms with the high standars for medical products. The compact movement exerciser is suitable for people with general infirmity as well as for medical conditions such as diabetis mellitus, stroke, rheumatism, arthrosis, dementia, MS, Parkinson‘s disease. Important therapy goals: – Maintaining mobility (contracture prophylaxis). – Activation of cardiovascular system. – Increase of endurance. – Activation of metabolism process. – Maintain and increase of muscular strength . – Mental stabilisation.

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