The Access Strength is next generation, inclusive functional trainer with cloud technology. Designed to eliminate many of the physical and cognitive barriers found in traditional equipment, it enables users of all abilities equal access to fitness. The patented pulley configuration combines rotating arms and adjustable handles to transform per individual needs – regardless of size, age, mobility or fitness level. This combination also provides revolutionary number of upper and lower body exercises on one machine. Bright green color coding makes all the adjustable areas easy to spot. Cumbersome spring-loaded pins of yesterday are replaced with intuitive, dexterity-free handles that need almost no effort to adjust. Users can read and reach the resistance dial at all times. To adjust, simply rotate. Integrated software, The IFCloud, removes the burden of remembering exercises, machine setup, or even how much weight to use. In addition, everything performed during a workout is automatically captured. Available through any computer or tablet, users can review their workout, progress over many, or download & create new workouts to keep things fresh.

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