Snug Vest is a therapeutic garment that inflates to provide the sensation of a calming hug. It delivers Deep Pressure Therapy to lower anxiety levels and increase focus, and is especially beneficial for many individuals with autism or ADHD. Snug Vest is formerly known as BearHug which won a Red Dot design concept award in 2011. Since Snug Vest became commercially available in 2013, it has improved the quality of life for thousands of autistic individuals worldwide. Snug Vest inflates with an attachable hand-pump to place adjustable pressure to the torso. Pressure is self-administered and controlled by the user, providing independence. Pressure is evenly and safely distributed to the sides, shoulders, and back of the torso only, and avoids constriction on the stomach and chest. Snug Vest is extremely versatile, adjusting by 3 inches in height, 6 inches around the torso, to accommodate users of varying body types and the rapid growth of children. Snug Vest is well tested for long-lasting durability and is machine washable. Unlike many medical devices, Snug Vest is stylish and discrete. It promotes inclusion by not stigmatizing the user, and can be worn and used anywhere, anytime!

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