LINOS provides you with a lean and complete range of anatomically pre-shaped plates. All plates can be combined with smartDrive® standard and multidirectional locking screws in different diameters. This gives surgeons the choice of individual plating solutions for the best possible hand fracture treatment. The ergonomically designed instruments are color-coded for easy identification and matching with corresponding implant sizes. The instruments are stored according to the sequence of use during surgery, thus making the system intuitive to use and achieving high intraoperative efficiency. The new implant storage focuses on practice-oriented implementation of lot traceability. Thus, the screw clips which are labeled with all relevant parameters permit easy data recording as well as seamless patient-related documentation. Each compartment in the plate module is marked with a label clip that bears all necessary information for an application-oriented access and intuitive refilling. The matt inner surface of the module allows comfortable, dazzle-free work under the surgical light. The modular storage concept allows a customized set design as well as attractive economical solutions.

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