Cassia Personal safety sensor is specialized designed for the elderly and people with disabilities. It is an intelligent device to help the users to ask for call or position where they fall.Installed with the latest global chip, the sensor owns exclusively patented technology solutions .The front big button is convenient for the elderly to press. The lanyard is also the indicator light. With ultrasonic welding, it can be worn during shower and swimming. Besides, it does not look like medical product thus to avoid the negative indication. It is fashionable and comfortable to wear. Cassia Personal safety sensor can connect with Cassia Hub via Bluetooth to be accurately controlled. Cassia Hub is the first Bluetooth router in the world. It equals to a blue tooth hub to connect maximum 22 BT-enabled devices. In addition, this Bluetooth router can extend the standard’s range up to 300m and penetrate 3 walls. Its appearance is unique in the gateway products, fresh and simple, in harmony with home environment. Translucent shell outside, the inside looks like “floating” in the air, as the energy center to convey energy to the surroundings through the CD pattern on the top.

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