We find that many of us like playing with the mobile phone and just sitting around. It’s obviously not healthy. How if they can at least have some exercises while they are sitting? Or even to have something to encourage them to sit down to workout?

The Bicit is a new kind of exercise bike that has been gaining backers on the website Kickstarter. The new invention will allow exercisers to burn off calories whilst sitting, as well as providing them with a wealth of different options and customization’s to make their experience enjoyable.

Features of the Bicit
• Half the size of regular stationary bikes
• Intelligent sports hardware
• Designed for all home situations
• Mobile app remote control
• 12 speed stage
• 5 programmed cycling modes
• Included game mode
• Can be used by people of varying fitness levels and abilities
• Stylish streamline as a home decoration

The Bicit is a novel take on the exercise machines that we all know and have used in the past. 100 backers pledged HK$ 269,690 to help bring Bicit to life, the features that the Bicit offers its users could be seen.

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