1, it is designed for the elderly (Alzheimer’s disease) design. This product can help the elderly walk to use. When the user falls, it will automatically alarm and issue a distress message to the guardian.
2, the stick and the ground contact with the anti-skid design advantages are: anti-skid head and the ground for a long time contact, resulting in grinding off the incomplete parts, the appearance is not seen; large capacity battery into the round aluminum tube, saving Handle the internal space; charging plug regardless of the positive and negative direction of the design to facilitate the user to charge the cane.
3, the function of the cane: lights, SOS key help, heart rate blood pressure test, the elderly will automatically alarm the alarm and issued a call for help, regularly remind the user to pay attention to matters.
4, the stick can be used with the mobile phone APP support for network interaction. Guardians or nurses can be on the phone to view the elderly heart rate and blood pressure status, real-time location, exercise, etc., mobile APP will be based on the physical condition of the elderly and give healthy and reasonable guidance;

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