The supraclavicular nerve is a sensory nerve that originates from the C3 and C4 nerve roots of the superficial cervical plexus, forms branches in the proximal region of the clavicle, and provide sensitivity for the proximal region of the anterior thorax. This anatomy makes the nerve particularly vulnerable to clavicle fracture and during surgical treatment of such fractures. The design provides a three-dimensional fracture fixation device made of titanium for treatment of lateral, middle and/or medial parts of simple or complex clavicle fracture, which permits protection of the supraclavicular nerve during removal of the fracture fixation device after clavicle fracture has healed. The essential components of the three-dimensional fracture fixation device includes one fixation locking plate, a nerve protection scutum (shield), junctional hooks connecting the fixation locking plate and supporting the nerve protection scutum (shield), and bone screws, which are assembled to form a defined space to accommodate the supraclavicular nerve during open reduction and internal fixation.

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