Withings Thermo is a Wifi-connected temporal artery thermometer boasting a state-of-the-art sensor, providing one of the fastest, most accurate, non-invasive temperature reading available. Withings Thermo boasts the new HotSpot SensorTM Technology: an array of 16 independent infrared sensors that take over 4,000 measurements in two seconds to find the hottest point, without requiring any motion or scanning. An onboard display is embedded on the side of the device, and independently provides instant temperature readings; a specific LED indicator helps the user identify if the temperature is above normal  with a color code. Thermo adopts a unique iconic form that breaks the usual design standards for thermometers. It is exceptionally portable and was designed to provide an incredibly simple and sanitary measurement process. Thanks to its dedicated application, the Withings thermometer is able to keep track of multiple users’ temperature histories and gather all information related to illness in the same place. The temperature data is automatically logged via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and users can monitor its evolution at a glance. The Withings Thermo is a Class IIa Medical device.

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