Bacteria in potable water systems are a basic problem worldwide, also in countries with high civilized standards. Microfiltration at the point of use is the highest security level. The outer shape of the LEGIO.ball shows function with haptic and asthetic aspects. Easy cleaning because of round shape, no water trops on the outer surface, no niches, recessed grip for easy cartridge change of membrane module inside. Various adapter offer a multifunctional use of the ball. Visible at the tap (home/clinic) and overhead shower, covered in detal units, laboratory equipments, soda machines a.s.o. For disaster operations we offer further add-ons – “one for all”. The ball will be offered in five colours, individuelle scope of design is possible. The inner shape is functional, takes into consideration the water outlet in a slightly twisted water jet with minimized water-wet surface inside. The LEGIO.ball has metal adapter which are robust and durable. Development and production is realized with local partners.

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