VELA Jive – A surgeon’s best support
A surgeon works concentrated for long hours in awkward positions. Poor ergonomics result in physical exhaustion, which can affect the work – but until now, it’s been hard to find a chair to remedy the problem.
Developers at VELA have found a solution.

Room for the feet. Hands-free controls. Ergonomics. Height adjustment. Flexibility: some of the requirements for a new, effective, user-friendly chair suited to the demands of the operating room.
After analysing all the individual factors, from wheels and frame to methods of adjustment and working positions, the designers went back to the drawing board.

The result: a true work chair with a unique underframe with five wheels, innovatively placed to make room for the surgeon’s feet. Electric height adjustment is made by squeezing the heel on the foot plate; naturally, ergonomics are exceptional.

We dare claim this as the biggest development in work chairs since the gas cylinder in the ’60s.

Aesthetic consideration
The simple, Scandinavian design of the frame is softened with rounded joints and an extra curvature at the wheels. The result is a distinctively-designed chair with a sleek profile.

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