As people become more aware of the hazards of smoking, vaporizing has increased exponentially as a healthier alternative. A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize a liquid or plant material that is desired without combusting the material. The essential components of a vaporizer are the device itself, a charging mechanism, concentrate tool and a container to store the vaporizing material. We designed our product allowing the user to carry all necessities in a sleek, stylish and convenient manner. The Titan case is the first model from Hydra Vapor Tech. It has been designed to fit the most popular pen styles including the Micro G, Atmos Jr & Atmos Jewel. The product consists of an aluminum shell, ABS plastic sliding drawer with a magnetic slide and one of the vaporizer-specific designed silicone inserts. The 3 types of inserts are the elliptical style for most elliptical pen vaporizers and two specific inserts for the Atmos Jr and Atmos Jewel. One insert holds the particular device, a concentrate container, concentrate tool and an USB charger or battery. The discrete design with robust materials and magnetic sliding interaction makes it a durable and aesthetic product

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