SleepX can solve one of the most classical problems of modern times: getting sleep in upright seating position. Neck-rolls have been used for decades by millions of travellers and their despair can be seen in every drowsey face. Other devices recently presented still presume to support the travellers head from behind or from the side. The simple truth however is, that the head nodds forward when sleep is relaxing the neck muscles and all these devices – may they be soft as heavenly feathers – just support this forward motion.
SleepX is the first and only travel neckrest which prevents the head from tipping forward. Its soft foam pad provides just the right stability and comfort to keep the head in a comfortable position with a neck angle corresponding to what we feel to be comfortable in bed with a cushion. The X-shape is “Form-follows-function” at its best: A twist of 90° extends its length by 10% to suit longer necks. The chin is bedded in ergonomical roundings and the foam body rests on the chest on rounded edges. SleepX can be positioned at different anlges and the strap can be set to individual length and height positions at the buckle. SleepX is leight, small & cool.

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