Our Reading lamp Series 6 combines plain, elegant optics with a brilliant luminous intensity and uniform light distribution. Thanks to a high quality LED bulb with optimized thermo management and professional light scattered optics the lamp is characterized especially by an extended life time, a maximum energy efficiency and a minimal maintenance.
Optimally, it suits as a reading lamp for patients in medical facilities as well as within the homecare area.
The Series 6 offers a functional illumination to a person’s well-being considering the biological and emotional lighting effect. The bulb being used has an uniform light distribution and an adequate luminance intensity, therefore assisting the visual performance and facilitate the visual task.
The robust plastic covered, flexible gooseneck arm cover protects the lamp arm and guarantees a high abrasion resistance and allows an easy disinfection. The lamp can be fixed universally through its joint pin (Ø 18 mm), for example on to a medical wall rail or to a patient bed.

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