The Sensoready® Pen is a self-injection device, containing COSENTYX®, currently prescribed for the treatment of adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, ankylosing spondilitis or psoriatic arthritis. The administration may be performed by patients themselves or by a caregiver. The triangular shape of the pen allows the user to easily hold the pen and remove the rubberized cap and prevents unwanted rolling. When the cap is removed from the pen the needle guard inside has to be pressed against the skin for the injection to start. The pen has a tamper evident seal integrated into the label, which automatically activates once the cap is removed. A transparent 360° inspection “window” allows the user to easily see the movement of a green indicator, signaling that the injection is being administered. There are also audible indicators represented by 2 clicks: the 1st when the injection starts and the 2nd upon completion. When the pen is removed from the injection site the needle guard covers the needle and locks in order to prevent an unintentional needle stick. In an effort to reduce needle phobia, the needle is hidden from view during the whole injection process.

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