The Roger Pen is a wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech in noise and over distance. Advanced signal processing even enables them to hear better than normal hearing listeners. The Roger Pen can be used in many different listening situations, making it a daily companion for hearing aid or cochlear implant users. It can be placed on the table during meetings, it can be held in the hand to point to a speaker or it can be hung around the neck of a distant speaker. An accelerometer detects the use case and applies automatically the adequate microphone mode. The integrated Bluetooth chip enables wireless cell phone calls. In the docking station, the Roger Pen is charged and transmits the sound from the TV wirelessly to the ears. A wireless microphone can be life changing for the hearing impaired. It makes the handicap however visible, and as hearing loss is still surrounded with stigma, the pen shape design was chosen to make it as inconspicuous as possible. It is impossible to make a wireless microphone invisible, but the mimicry of an ordinary object has contributed significantly to the acceptance and success of the Roger Pen.

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