Galderma is a dermatology company that develops solutions for aesthetic and corrective treatments. Being in the forefront of the dermatology industry requires innovative medical solutions that meet the needs of patients and physicians. In order to ensure total user satisfaction the Restylane syringe needed to be designed for improved precision and better working comfort. The design work focused on form factors, handling, intuitiveness, environmental aspects and better ergonomics. Thanks to a more comfortable finger grip and a sculpted thumb rest, the syringe feels light in the hand and helps improve stability. To give better precision and control to the syringe the Smart Click activation button was developed. It’s an audible dosage indicator which when activated generates a clicking sound. The sound is automatically generated during the injection as a metallic plate is pressed over grooves on the surface of the plastic piston. The users can easily switch the dosage indicator on and off, for added treatment versatility. The system gives an appearance of reliability and quality and is perceived by users as lighter and more comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic shapes and open design.

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