The smart box is specially designed for insulin pens. The smart box can automatically detect the temperature inside and outside the box, and the box temperature is always maintained within the safe storage temperature range for insulin, ensuring that the insulin in the insulin pen will not lose its efficacy. When patients require insulin injections, the box can automatically adjust the temperature of the insulin in the injector pen to the optimum temperature required for injection in order to maximize the efficacy of the insulin. In addition, it can remind patients to take their insulin injections on schedule, and record the injection time and dose per injection. All data is wirelessly transferred to smart phone for statistics and management with the exclusive APP, and uploaded to the cloud for permanent storage. Therefore, the patient’s attending physician can constantly monitor the patient’s injection status online to be able to provide the optimum diagnosis. The smart box is compatible with most brands of insulin pens on the market. With the built-in lithium battery the smart box ensure that user can carry and safely store insulin pen in hot or cold environments

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