70% of the Earth is salt water, and when shipwrecks occur, victims will lose a large part of the water inside the body within a precious 72 hours and normally lead to death due to dehydration.
Ocean Life is the world’s first portable desalination water dispenser. Through its air compressor filtering seawater through the desalination membrane, Ocean Life can effectively removes excessive sodium chloride in sea water as well as the bitter taste of magnesium sulfate which is rejected by the body. It retains the electrolytes needed by the human body, so as to supply victims plenty of water with appropriate salts. This effectively extends victims’ survival time while waiting for disaster search and rescue. Ocean Life will become standard equipment in the future for navigation and shipping life-saving systems. A portable desalination water dispenser, its replaceable filter makes it reusable and sustainable as well as providing essential life support in the event of a disaster.

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