Nosiboo is the ultimate nasal aspirator, an innovative, patented, European product novelty.

The device was developed by two dads who are engineers at their own interior design company. They tried out all available nasal aspirators on their kids but they did not find a good solution.
That is why they started to work on their own version. They were aided by a team of designers, engineers and medical specialists throughout the whole product development.

Newborn babies can only breathe through their noses and small children cannot blow their noses efficiently enough. By cleaning the nose regularly, more serious illnesses like tracheitis, middle ear or maxillary sinus inflammation can be prevented and the healing process can be accelerated if the illness has already developed. The use of antibiotics can be avoided and children can eat and sleep more easily.

The innovative construction of Nosiboo differs completely from any other known nasal aspirator. Using vacuum and airflow at the same time, it removes nasal mucus not only from the outer nasal cavity but also from the maxillary sinus. Despite the adjustable and powerful suction, the patented Colibri nozzle holds the aspirated nasal mucus which makes the device easy to clean.

Unlike other known nasal aspirators, Nosiboo is:

– powerful enough to remove accumulated secretions
– adjustable so that the suction fits the age of the child
– easy to clean thanks to the patented Colibri nozzle
– produced with a child-friendly, premium design
– easy to use and portable.

The product is a medical device and has undergone many tests to guarantee optimal efficiency and safety. It is manufactured in the EU according to the requirements of the ISO 13485 standard describing the quality management system for design and manufacture of medical devices. It has an EU patent and a EC-Certificate issued by a Notified Body.

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