The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified that handling syringes is a leading cause of Needle Stick Injury (NSI). Healthcare workers incur an estimated 2 million NSIs a year that result in infections (WHO-International Council of Nurses). In particular, >80% of individuals administering injections have at least one NSI during needle-recapping. International recognition has led to recent changes in EU legislation (2010/32/EU); since May 2013 medical devices incorporating needles must feature a protective mechanism to shield the needle immediately following use, thereby avoiding user contact with the hazard.
Individuals prescribed a prefilled syringe often learn while performing a real first injection. Since there is currently no re-settable way of practicing an injection during training, a common cause of use error is unfamiliarity with needle-safety system operation.
Roche has developed a novel training device to improve user training. It provides both healthcare professionals and patients an opportunity to simulate realistic injections multiple times prior to a real injection. The device is expected to increase user and healthcare professional confidence and competence.

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