During pregnancy, many women experience over weight gain and have high exposure to obstetric complications. Accurate weight tracking during pregnancy is important to address this health concern for many pregnant women. On average, a pregnant woman gain 80g body weight per day, and this change cannot be detected by most scales on the market today. This is because the conventional scales can only resolve weight fluctuation of 300g. Our state-of-the-art, smart electronic scale system is equipped with a high-precision sensor, a dual-plane weighing plate and an easy-to-use mobile app. It can accurately measure 50g weight change and the mobile capability makes weight management easy and enjoyable. Our smart electronic scale system is the perfect solution for both pregnant women and babies. It is extremely versatile, and gives accurate measurement even on soft surfaces such as carpets, beds and couches. Our intelligent software algorithm allows automatic data syncing between the electronic scale and the mobile app. It also provides highly customized health information including diet and exercise tips based on body weight analysis, which are readily available at customer’s fingertips.

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