MEIDACS II has been developed based on the design language of “sophisticated workability”, and its newly developed structure that can be separated into front and rear sections reduces the installation occupied space by 35%. This totally new operation/measurement system for vehicle testing equipment provides a larger test environment even within a limited space to improve the comfort and workability during testing.
In addition to the rooms for placing operation/measurement systems often being very small, conventional systems structurally require a maintenance space between the wall and the back face of the equipment to cause a strain on the testing environment. MEIDACS II eliminates the need for such maintenance space and is designed to enable performing maintenance works by means of separating the panel into front and rear sections, with the devices to be installed still being based on the rack mount standard.
The beautiful and simple cover with a curved surface is designed to have no visual noise to allow you to focus on your research. The vertical line LED that gives an accent also functions to provide operation status information.

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