LUCENTIS® is a ground-breaking medicine that helps to prevent and restore vision loss from a number of eye conditions. Known as a VEFG inhibitor, LUCENTIS® was the first eye treatment of its kind to show an improvement in vision, providing an effective alternative to laser treatment. LUCENTIS® was originally launched in a vial presentation requiring a number of preparation steps prior to injection into the eye. The LUCENTIS® pre-filled syringe is an innovative sterile syringe that now helps doctors to deliver this vision-saving medicine directly into the eye with benefits for patients and health care professionals. The LUCENTIS® pre-filled syringe is a ready-to-use presentation that simplifies preparation of the injection. It has been specifically designed to improve dose accuracy. The reduced number of preparation steps and its unique design has the potential to reduce the risk of contamination and therefore the potential to minimize risk of serious eye infections.

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