This product is a smart echometer which aims at children health care. This team spends several years to research on the algorithm optimization that can transform the professional auscultatory sound to easily identified graphical language on the APP. Therefore, through the wireless network, parents can focus on children’s lung health anytime and get the real time diagnostic results from doctor online. The simple operation can bring the best user experience for people.Considering the children’s fear using medical products, designer gets inspiration from cobblestone to combine its streamline with ergonomics, which satisfied both the visual feeling of children and the hand feeling of adults. Instead of using traditional stainless steel that might bring the cold feeling when children wear it, the components will touch children’s skin go through a special surface treatment which will minimize the uncomfortable feeling. Given indoor and outdoor occasions, the designer tries to make the hardware and outline thinner as the convenience for parents when they help their children get dressed. Designer hope to create a smart product with care and love.

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