Lifetide Biofeedback completely subverts the user experience of the existing medical products, which need dozens of monitoring joints link to the patient and eight-hours deep sleep of the patient in the bed of hospital or institute for collecting data.
Lifetide Biofeedback is as thin as 11.5mm due to the integrated components, without any monitoring joints linking to the patient’s body. It can be lent to patients for collecting data in their home, which is more friendly and accurate for data collecting. The product is very small and portable. Though with precise integrated components, the product’s side curve is suitable for wearing. Combing logo and lights together makes the product more delicate. The only seam on the product is easy to clean due to the ultrasonic welding.
Supported by the technologies and designs, patients can make a sleep quality test in their familiar environment. The product gives users stronger sense of care. This is the subversion the product brings to people with sleep problems.

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