Hightech meets Naturalness For the complicated and protracted treatment of edema, scars and burns with flat-knitted medical compression stockings, Ofa Bamberg offers an innovation in comfort and appearance: Lastofa Forte. In a fusion of hightech and naturalness the finest microfibers and refined merino wool are for the first time combined in a compression stocking that does not lose its medically essential strength and durability – thus achieving great efficacy and a unique feel. Although thinner than a human hair merino fibres are at the same time much stronger and pleasantly soft. Internal air cushions allow the skin to breathe and they cool in summer and warm in winter. Also the colour range with its six soft colours extending from snow and sand to lava emphasizes naturalness. Lastofa Forte is fashionable and a real head-turner due to an ingenious idea: Instead of concealing the longitudinal seam of the flat-knitted material, unavoidable for production reasons, it is embellished with an elegant decorative seam. The legs are optically elongated and the stockings become a stylish accessory patients wear with pleasure and confidence.

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