Kyphofree is an innovative multi-functional device with patented design ( European patent 2262645 & US patent 9,234,622 ) of mechanical support that offers a simple and effective solution to resolves potential Poor Ergonomic Postures (PEPs) troubles. This device enables users of all ages to avoid a long head-down posture when browsing mobile devices or reading books. It features some novelties as follows: 1.For laptop users, Kyphofree can easily elevate the laptop to the eyelevel with a forearm and wrist support provided at the anterior edge of the table that allows forearms and wrists to rest comfortably and stably. 2.When browsing a tablet, using a cellphone, or reading a book, users can quickly change Kyphofree to a higher position by simply triggering the patented rotating mechanism. 3.Kyphofree, with its easy way of adjusting incline-recline position, can work together with any chair to create an environment that alleviates stresses from neck and back. This amazing device is created by an orthopedic doctor and design specialists to bring to people a healthy ergonomic posture and to prevent degenerative musculoskeletal disorders, especially chronic spinal disc disease.

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